The Other America, MLK, and Baltimore Riots

The Baltimore Riots are all over Twitter, and I’m trying to find a way to understand it all. Protests have turned violent, and there are a lot of people quoting and referencing MLK’s non-violent strategy for social change. I did a Natural Language Processing art project on MLK speeches the other day, and while I […]

Using Python to Perform Lexical Analysis on a Short Story

One of the more interesting things going on in the Big Data world right now is some of the quantitative analysis being done on how people use the English language. This is widely known as Natural Language Processing—“NLP”—a field that can be thought of as a fusion between artificial intelligence and linguistics. A useful framework […]

Be Specific, Be Precise

Try and think of a person in your life that really pisses you off. Maybe it’s somebody at work. Maybe it’s some douchebag in your fraternity. Or maybe it’s some guy named Dave who spews totally ridiculous political opinions like they’re gospel. Now, think about why you can’t stand this person. But actually *really* think […]

Ultra 2015 Trip Report

It’s funny—each time you go to a music festival, your tastes change. This was my third Ultra in as many years, which made me the veteran among my group of friends. Most of my group was going for the second time, and one guy was making his rookie appearance. The majority of my group was […]