About Me

My name is Steve, and I am a student of the data revolution. My work involves solving problems with applied math through simulation, optimization, process automation, and statistical modeling. In the past, I’ve developed and implemented a system of analytical business intelligence tools for a medium-sized actuarial consulting firm in Philadelphia, PA. I’ve also worked on regression and simulation research projects during my time at school.

Growing up, my hobbies included playing and watching sports of all kinds, including die-hard devotion and fandom to Philadelphia professional sports teams. I was also an avid game-player—I especially loved poker and chess. Lately, I’ve been into trance music, voracious reading, and throwing the biggest and rowdiest football tailgates at the University of Miami.

I believe in the power of open information, compassion for other humans, and using math & data to justify decisions.

Check out my social media profiles:

Twitter: @SpacaB
GitHub: https://github.com/SpacaB
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/pub/stephen-bishop/3a/355/790

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