Violence & American Politics In 2015

Yesterday’s shooting in San Bernardino, CA has drawn out entirely predictable political reactions. Much of the political left used the shooting as an opportunity to bring attention to horrifying statistics about American domestic gun violence, ultimately proposing that the appropriate prescription is increased gun control at the federal level. The political right—including proponents of the […]

Cecil the Lion: Wait a Minute, Guys…

Something is weirding me out about all of the outrage on social media directed towards a hunter who killed a lion in Zimbabwe. It’s not that I think that the killing was justified, or even that the outrage is *wrong* to begin with. I always think it’s strange when people purposefully engage in violence just […]

Opportunity Cost and Personal Philosophy

I wish more people evaluated their actions, thoughts and feelings in terms of opportunity cost. In microeconomic theory, the opportunity cost of a choice is the value of the best alternative forgone, in a situation in which a choice needs to be made between several mutually exclusive alternatives given limited resources. —Wikipedia How about a […]

Playing With Paint.NET: Photos From Europe

The other day I downloaded Paint.NET to upgrade from the bare-bones photo-editing capabilities of MS Paint. Initially, I only needed the transparency feature so I could make some additions to my speech collages, but last night I found myself playing around with some of the other features on some of my photos from Europe. Some […]

Coding Skills

Coding skills are a toolbox for building tools for your brain. I can use coding skills to visualize data. I can use coding skills to build tools that automate tasks and save time (I did this for my internship, see my resume). I can use coding skills to look at things from new perspectives. I […]

The Other America, MLK, and Baltimore Riots

The Baltimore Riots are all over Twitter, and I’m trying to find a way to understand it all. Protests have turned violent, and there are a lot of people quoting and referencing MLK’s non-violent strategy for social change. I did a Natural Language Processing art project on MLK speeches the other day, and while I […]