Coding Skills

Coding skills are a toolbox for building tools for your brain.

I can use coding skills to visualize data.

I can use coding skills to build tools that automate tasks and save time (I did this for my internship, see my resume).

I can use coding skills to look at things from new perspectives.

I can use coding skills to create new forms of artistic expression.

I can use coding skills to perform complex mathematical computations and drive analysis.

I can use coding skills to be better informed and equipped in order to contribute to the global human rights debate that is becoming increasingly intertwined with technology and data.

I can use coding skills to understand what some other people do for a living, respect their craft, and empathize with their challenges and successes, ultimately making me a better person.

Coding is more than a job. It is more than a niche. It gives you the power to create new ideas and solve new problems. Coding skills give you access to the latest and greatest, and they provide you with the means to improve upon it. Coding skills are the secret of the modern-day polymath.

2 thoughts on “Coding Skills

  1. Herwig says:

    You missed: Coding allows you to bring things to life!

    • admin says:

      You’re right! Programming lets you turn ideas into reality, which is why it’s such a useful skill to have!

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